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First Entry!

 Wow this is so cool!

I have never had a journal like this before.  I mean, I have had diaries and things like that, but never an online one!  I don't even know what I should write XD!  

Umm umm umm...I guess I could tell you how my day went today!  Today I went to school with Kai.  He is so funny when we are at school :3  He puts off this "I am a cool guy" kinda air and it just makes me laugh even more!  He is just way too cute and gets flustered really easy!  The other day we were just kinda lounging about at the house and I got the idea to do his hair.  I really like his hair but he always styles it the same way.  So I told him, "Let me do something cool to your hair! I promise you will really like it!"  and he was extremely reluctant to let me near his hair but my persistent-ness won!  I gave him some awesome spikes lol which he quickly combed out after seeing them in the mirror.  Asenva took a picture because she thought it would be funny.

Uh but going back to school...I am currently taking a bunch of different literature classes this semester.  A lot of them are superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr interesting and some of them...well...I would rather watch paint dry.  Now and then I will see Kai and stop him to say hello.  I told him we should eat lunch together one of these days :D  He is such a great guy to hang out with.   After I finish with my classes I usually head off to my small job on campus.  I am working with the school's newspaper :3  I write short articles and help distribute them.  The school pays me for my articles and that is how I pay my rent! :D  

When I get home I usually see what Asenva is up to and sometimes we watch Umi together while Kai is at his job.  Oh! That reminds me! One of these days I have to stop by and see him work XD He is a waiter at Zios and when he comes home he always smells like yummy pasta and bread lol  Maybe Asenva, Umi, and I could pay him a visit!

Speaking of Umi she is probably the cutest little girl ever!  She is in total love with her brother and is super protective of him.  Even when I poke at him at home she gets really defensive.  I can't help myself sometimes and will do it on purpose just to get her riled up so I can see those cute little hands ball up into fists XD  She is very much like a baby duckling with Kai and follows him pretty much everywhere he goes.  Andddddd most cutest thing of all....they draw together!  When Kai takes out his sketch pad to sketch something...she automatically grabs for her little sketch pad and will doodle.  Sooooooo mega cute!

Wow...hmm.....I guess I wrote a lot :P

Well I will write again tomorrow hopefully If I have the time!




 Sorry it has been a while since I have written anything.  I have been busy with school, work, and taking care of Umi.  Not to mention trying to find some peace with the new tenant around.  Yes...SHE finally came.  Asenva was extremely excited when she arrived about 2 weeks ago.  They are both so similar sometimes I swear they could be sisters.  Anyway, the new tenants name is Yue and she is a transfer student from China.  Yue's dad is from China and her mom is actually from America.  She is going to be going to the same school as me and she wants to study English literature.  The reason why I know all this is because she is constantly striking up conversation with me.  It seems like there is no off switch to her talking.  She also enjoys poking at me for anything and everything.  Yue is definitely something different in the house and I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.
Although...something weird has happened since she got here.  I feel the need to draw again.  I have been doing sketches and doodles in notebooks, but haven't tried to pick up a brush.  Maybe I will.


(This is Yue...she is bothering me about my hair)

Umi has arrived

Last week my aunt and uncle dropped off Umi.  It was nice to see her again.  She is always full of energy and likes to follow me around.  She also seems to have brought a pet with her.  Hapi the cat is now living with us too and he likes to sit on you like he owns you.  Asenva was glad to have another cat and enjoys his company.  She also has fallen for Umi, and the two of them spend girl-time together.  Umi sleeps with me in my room and she is now going to school as well.  She was glad to be in a new school, and welcomes the attention of being the new kid.

Today it was raining...it was terrible carrying around my portfolio while the wind threw it one way or the other.  To make matters worse...one of my sketches flew out and got soaked.  My only consultation today is that since it is raining so much there shouldn't be many people at the restaurant. 

Well I have to go...class is going to start.  I will hopefully write more later.


(Asenva took this picture when Umi came home)

School and Sisters

 So today is my first day of school.  I have two classes today and lucky for me they both are art.  I am actually looking forward to taking them because one is Drawing II and the other is Painting I (both are things that I like to do in my free time)  They are mid-afternoon classes which is cool because I can sleep in and eat and then go to class.  I am wondering who I am going to meet, and eager to see peoples art.

On another side note my little sister is coming down to live with us.  I am actually really grateful to Asenva for letting her stay with us.  It is a long story but my parents are no longer with us and so my aunt and uncle have  been watching her while I went away to college.  I always go to visit her at their place but now that my uncle got a new job they have to move and I told them I would want to take care of her myself.  It has been a real help having my aunt and uncle watch over her in the time being, but if they are going to be moving I do not want to have my sister that far away from me.  We are family and I would like us to stay together.   So I worked out a schedule in which I go to work and school on opposite times as Asenva, so someone will be with my sister at all times.  I am already looking into a school for her and that will free up some time so all I would have to worry about is getting her when school is out.  My little sisters name is Umi and she is 6.  I know things may get hectic but I am glad to have her.

Well I have to get my bag ready for school.  I'll have Umi say hello when she gets here.



So for the past couple of nights I have been sitting with Asenva and Carmelo watching cartoons.  They are obsessed with this cartoon series called Adventure Time.  It is absolutely ridiculous and makes no sense but also strangely addictive.  It is supposed to be a kids show but there is so much adult humor in it.

Asenva has been acting crazy latley...apparently our "guest" is coming in late.  She has been spouting about how she can't believe that it may not be another month till she comes to our house.  She still hasn't told me who is coming but she seems really excited about it.
Well school is going to start on the 25th and I need to buy some last minute things.  I hope I have good teachers this year.  Last year I had this lame art teacher that was so strict on what we drew so it kind of brought me down.  

Well I think I am going to go find something to do.  


Can't sleep...

 I am surfing the internet right now because  I cannot go to sleep for the life of me.  I have no clue what it is...I just kind of sit there and just eventually get up.  

Today I went to go and get books.  I will have to work as many shifts as I can get at the restaurant in order to pay off my bills.  Tuition is also sneaking up on me so that is one other thing that is on my check list.  

I feel bad for Asenva because today her computer caught a really crappy virus.  Because she cannot get on her computer she has been doing a bunch of random things...She should clean her room up...it looks terrible.  

I don't know what else to say...I think I may go lay down again... I need to wake up early tomorrow...and I have work tomorrow too. TGIF


Still Crap For Drawings..

 I have decided to take a break from my art.  I am just having a hard time drawing anything at all.  It was bad last week...and I think it has gotten worse this week.
Asenva left for the weekend and is now back.  While she was gone I enjoyed having the computer to myself.  I was surfing DA and was looking at other peoples artworks as well, hoping to get inspired.  Nothing really came to me but I did pick up the tablet and gave it a go.  Unfortunately this is what came out...

So I guess it is back to doing other things instead of drawing.  My art teacher had told me once that if you get in a bind and can't draw anything, sometimes it is just good to take a break and then come back to it later.  Well I am going to go and watch some videos.  I will write more later.


Can't Draw Crap

 Wow I don't know what is wrong with me.  I can not draw anything to save my life!  

(Today's Crap Sketch)

I hope that I can get my act together by the time school starts.  I really want to draw but I just don't have any inspiration what so ever.  

So I didn't get to write anything yesterday because I was really busy.  I was back-to-school shopping getting some art supplies, clothes and what-not and I could not believe the crowd that was out and about.  When I got home I found Asenva working at her desk on her boyfriends Warhammer models.  I decided to just crash and go to sleep.

Today I slept in as usual and didn't have much to do. I played some games and watched some T.V.  I also did that crap drawing that I posted above.  I was trying to draw this elfish looking woman...but...it turned out terribly wrong.  

I am really hoping that the weather changes soon.  I really can not stand this heat.  It is so hot outside I feel like I am going to melt or something.  Winter is not coming fast enough, and it seems like Summer just won't go away.  

Well I better end this here before I start talking about more random things.



 Asenva has been driving me crazy.  She keeps checking her email every 5 seconds, is constantly looking out the windows, and spouting about how she can't stand waiting.  I have told her she should just do something else to keep her mind off things but she becomes easily distracted.  Right now she is just checking her normal sites I see her on..DA, facebook, youtube, and her own LJ.

So today was kinda blah.  I went ahead and played some games, took a nap at one point in the day, and then tried to draw something.  Lately all my drawings have been crap.  I have  no clue what is wrong with me...I just don't feel inspired I guess.

I am really kinda excited school is going to start up again.  I kinda like new beginnings (without sounding lame) I am curious as to how my professors are going  to be like, and what kind of people I may meet.

Well I think this kind of sums it up for today...I'll write some more tomorrow I guess.




I woke up kind of late today. I actually really wouldn't mind going back to sleep...maybe I will.  

School is going to start up soon again and I kinda miss Summer already.  I haven't drawn anything lately so maybe I will draw something today.  My fellow house mate Asenva has been kind of sick, so I have been trying to keep my distance.  I hate being sick and I definitely do not want to catch what she has.  I think she is feeling better lately though, because I think she is going into work today.  
(My sketch pad made my Asenva's sister..talk about crazy...I won't even get into that)

Speaking of house mates Asenva keeps spouting on about how another person is coming to stay with us.  I think she said that the new comer is going to be going to the same school as me and may be the same age as well. I just hope the new person isn't crazy like Asenva...but I have to admit sometimes she can be fun.  

She has a Youtube channel that I help out with sometimes which is cool, but sometimes she is just weird in her videos.  
Here is a link to the channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/AsenvaBJD

Well I think it is about time to get ready for the day.  I will write more later.